IT business and social mission

Recently PunicApp took part in the preparation of the holiday for children with disabilities. One of the our partners took the liberty on our behalf to congratulate the sport federation, which brought up the silver winners of the Paralympic Games in 2014. Children with disabilities, who are strong in spirit, and so much passionate about the sport did enjoy the new equipment. It was the source of inspiration and motivation for all of us.

The director of the company Alexander Kurtametov said that he wanted to start the year with something charitable. Therefore, a small celebration embodied our mission.

But not a lot of people know that the daily work of employees is an important social mission itself. Developed business opportunities and mobile solutions give the customers a huge advantage, which would not be the case a few years ago.

For example, the company recently implemented the functional of an application «Civic Patrol». It is designed specifically for people with active social position. In there the civilians can post requests and complaints on various violations in their city. This is a kind, intelligent alert system, which makes the city little more comfortable and safe place.

Mobile technologies also allow immediately send the petitions to various authorities for quicker problem solution, including a SOS signal. Thus while the feedback waiting time is reduced, the efficiency of the process is increased.

We believe that this application will help the residents of the city to form an active civil position and ease the daily life. Moreover, we believe that every product of our company brings merit to the society in to a different extent.

Material is prepared by the journalist Stanislav Zaharkin.

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