Сколько стоит разработка мобильного приложения?

In order to make PunicApp price-formation comply with the current mobile and web- applications market situation, the company management team decided to conduct a market research. The reason for it was the necessity to provide the customers with the premium quality service at a reasonable price and within the shortest timespan possible, which is the main purpose of PunicApp company.

Key points of the research

As the research shown the PunicApp price of mobile and web-applications development was formed based on the other market players price-formation analysis.
Therefore, the prices of development services offered by PunicApp company are reasonable and comply with the mobile and web-applications market day-to-day realites.
Open public sources as well as market data served as the research materials.

The application, which according to the PunicApp specialists requires 700 hours of working time and 700 thousand rubles spent for the development of iOS and Android mobile operation system and server back-end part, was chosen for the market price- formation analysis.

The business offers received from the other market players studied with the help of Gauss diagrams revealed that development cost together with approximate working time expenditures are estimated in different ways. The most part of the market players consider the development of similar application to be more expensive than PunicApp proposed — that is from 900 thousand rubles upto 1,5 million rubles. It may seem, from the first sight, that PunicApp specialists underestimated the price of this application. However, the higher price can also mean that the application itself was estimated as more complex in develoment.

To take into account the above mentioned factor, the time the market players suggested to be spend for development was also considered. Based on the results of correspondence between required funds and requred time the diagram was complete. The horizontal scale shows funds in thousand rubles, the vertical scale — time in months.

The analysis revealed that some part of market players value their work almost twice as higher than PunicApp under similar or even less working time spent. It means the price is increased unreasonably.

The other part of the market players estimate the work complexity and time required in relation to it significantly higher, than PunicApp. As a result their offer suggests spending 2-3 times more time and twice as much money compared to PunicApp.

Alongside with that there is a damping market segment, which participants estimate the work amount and its cost much lower, than PunicApp specialists.

The segment where PunicApp belongs provides to the market of mobile and web- applications the most balanced offers in terms of price and timespan. Therefore, price formed by PunicApp is not decreased and, considered the time expenditures in months, is balanced and fair.

The price-formation research made at the Russian market of mobile applications has shown that estimation of complexity and cost of mobile applications development accomplished by PunicApp specialists proved to be well-grounded and optimum.

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