Команда опытных разработчиков Академгородка

Our main goal is to simplify life around and to give you free hand to satisfy your demands!

Our main profile is “mobilization” of business, our goods and solutions geared towards improve end-user usability and promote sales.

We offer all-in-one services which include mobile apps, web development, integration with CRM, CMS and any automation system.

In addition to high-quality and reliable development we offer perfect consumer service at all times, from personal meetings. Our representatives are able to meet you anywhere in the world for more complete understanding your task.

We are in favor of task distribution, so we don't burden you with complicated terms and don't ask incomprehensible questions. Instead of this we interact with your employees by ourselves to find out all necessary infromation, and take care of wishes from intended users. More importantly, we make terms of reference by ourselves, and you have just to coordinate and confirm it.

Our team consists of developers, marketing specialists and traders, so our applications and solutions work quickly, perfectly, and have good end-user performance.


Kurtametov Alexander

Art director

Chernyshov Ivan

Head of iOS department

Bonko Alexander

Head of Android department

Beresnev Artem

Head of Web department

Brock Dmitriy

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Development of mobile apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, WinPhone. Design of customized application and selling ready to use products. Development of web sites and Internet applications. Quality assurance at all stages.

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